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Youth are the nexus of safer digital futures. That’s why Digital14’s mission to nurture minds is woven into the guiding tenet and societal fabric of the United Arab Emirates.

Our Ajyal Talent Management programme is focused on building the next-generation digital-centric talent pipeline. Our goal is to immerse, manage, and develop the next generation of cyber stars in the digital and cybersecurity domains, through scholarships, summer camps and courses. Additionally, our Cyber Education platform offers training modules that seek to develop digital skills and embed digital mindsets to enrich the world with skilful cybercultures.

Our Digital Academy, with a core emphasis on the Digital Knowledge Transformation programme, offers intensive hands-on learning that ensures productive talent results and offers unique value to the existing digital training landscape.

Building on the Digital Academy, our Cyber Academy Cyber Mission programme develops students in a sequential, role-orientated approach that prioritises ongoing, multi-week training formats to ensure talent is ready for real-world scenarios.

Complementing our holistic drive to nurture and grow the next wave of digital and cybersecurity talent, we believe it's essential to augment and sponsor innovative platforms that deepen the fundamentals of our Digital Academy and Cyber Academy propositions. To that end, Digital14 will continue to support and sponsor Hack In The Box (HITB) – a globally renowned series of highly specialized security-related events and training essential for bolstering future cyber estates.

Developing cyber and digital talent for the future

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Ajyal Talent Management

Identifies young talented students and develops them into innovative technical stars with targeted programme at high school and university (including scholarships) with a focus on STEM skills and holistic learning so that they are job-ready at graduation. Includes individual mentoring with student advisors, tutoring, bootcamps, internships and immersive learning trips.

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Digital Academy Programme

A 44 week digital knowledge transformation programme through hands-on learning. Students progress through Full Stack Development (for product analysts, scrum specialists and product owners), Phase 2 of Full Stack Development (for frontend or backend developers, full stack developers and solution architects), DevOps (for DevOps engineers, technical architects, and full stack developers) and Big Data and Data Engineering (for data analysts, data engineers, product managers, technical architects and scrum managers). Business skills and coaching is part of all phases of the programme.

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Cyber Academy

Ensures cyber talent is job-ready upon completion of our sequential training programs which is structured to meet specific skills and capabilities. Intensive professional instruction on the specialized Cyber Range training program for prioritized and focused cyber skills results in mission-capable participants. All training will include experiential learning, workshop setting, exposure to state-of-the-art real-world systems, tools and applications, and real-time progress tracking.

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Hack In The Box

This partnership offers a series of highly specialised security-related events and trainings that complement and deepen the core Digital Academy and Cyber Academy offerings. Deep-knowledge trainings by security experts on the ‘how-to’ and ‘know-how’ of their latest cutting-edge research from around the world with 2, 3, 4 or 5 day classes held before HITB conferences. Offers a more immersive experience through hands-on technical trainings from the world’s best minds, limited to 25-30 participants per class.

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Cyber Smart

Cyber Smart reduces cyber risks by addressing the human factor. In a hyper-connected digital world, businesses and governments must be able to safely perform their mission in the face of accelerating cyber risks. Cyberattacks are the result of technical and human vulnerabilities, many of which could be prevented and remediated if organisations better prepared their employees to take on cybersecurity responsibilities aligned with their roles.

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Ruwad Emiratisation Programme

Ruwad is a 12-month programme for fresh UAE national graduates, focused on bridging the gap between cybersecurity theory and technical practice. Ruwad Emiratisation Programme encourages and enables graduates to participate and engage in sessions with the company’s leadership team, including our CEO, ensuring the graduates get exposed to global and national cyber advancements, needs and innovations – building the next generation of cyber talent to safeguard the UAE. Visit here to learn more

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