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Business Continuity: The Value of Being Prepared

4 Jan 2021 | Aaron Carolan

Business impacts related to the Covid-19 Pandemic demonstrated the value of a robust, effective and efficient business continuity strategy. It also highlighted a gap common to many businesses regarding enforced work from home scenarios that form part of most business continuity plans. That is, the ability to remotely facilitate trusted document approval workflows for essential business functions, including:

  • Legal/HR – e.g. contract signing
  • Procurement – e.g. signing purchase orders, invoices
  • Finance – financial statements, budget sign-offs
  • Digital Forensics – e.g. digital forensics chain of custody signatures

Traditional signing mechanisms for document workflow typically involve handwritten or ‘wet ink’ signatures that require staff (potentially numerous) to have physical access to the document in question. In a crisis scenario, or when working remotely, document approval and signing processes may require physical postage of documents sequentially to multiple parties. This is costly, inefficient, risky, likely unreliable, and is not secure, as the document is potentially subject to tampering in transit.

Fortunately, with a well-designed digital signing platform, such as DTSigner, all of the above issues can be supported electronically and location agnostic. This includes the document workflow management, version control and secure digital signing. DigitalTrust's DTSigner service offers both private and public trust options and sequential and parallel document signing workflows depending on the needs of the business process in question.

DTSigner also facilitates various digital signature assurance levels that can be defined and implemented within the platform to meet the unique business process's necessary for legal risk sensitivities. DTSigner offers eSeals and eSignatures, including advanced and qualified levels of assurance for each. The level of non-repudiation and document integrity associated with these signatures is comparable to what is defined in the European eIDAS regulation.

DTSigner also offers the capability to leverage the sovereign UAE PASS service for Digital Signing, offering a level of assurance that only the holder of the UAE PASS account in question could have performed the signature. Authentication to this UAE PASS account is tied to and digitally checked against the Emirates ID of the associated signer. As with qualified digital signatures, integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation are all provided and tied to legally defensible national digital signature laws.

Many organisations are looking at a future where working from home, or a hybrid model of office and work from home, will become the norm. Therefore, it makes sense that digital signing services are a strategic capability for all organisations, not only from a business continuity perspective but from a business enablement perspective.

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