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Cyber SMART: How prepared is your remote staff?

31 MAR 2020 | Saeed Basweidan

A recent poll shows that cybersecurity preparedness for remote working is inadequate for 70% of organisations who are making drastic and unprecedented staffing transitions to remote work.

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues its global sweep, many organisations are sending their staff home to work. While many organisations have remote work policies, the majority have not formally introduced organisation-wide cybersecurity training. Programmes specifically focused on increasing staff knowledge related to today’s sophisticated cybersecurity threats and associated business risks.

Unfortunately, these rapid changes have also created an environment in which hackers, scammers, and spammers thrive. Coronavirus phishing scams started circulating in January, preying on fear and confusion about the virus—and they've only increased since.

More people than ever are working from home, often with fewer security defences on their home networks than they would have in the office. Even in critical infrastructure and other high-sensitivity environments where it would be impossible to work from home securely, skeleton crews at the office and general distraction can create windows of vulnerability. And in times of stress or distraction, people are more likely to fall for malicious scams and tricks. More people working remotely, fewer cybersecurity controls, and an increase in anxiety have created “the perfect storm,” dramatically increasing cybersecurity risks

Digital14 offers Cyber SMART. Cyber Smart reduces the risks associated with cyberattacks by educating your staff and addressing the human factor. And since more successful attacks are socially engineered today, taking advantage of shared technical and human vulnerabilities, organisations need to raise awareness and knowledge quickly.

As part of the global effort to limit the impact of #COVID-19, Digital14 are now offering 3 of our premium, multi-award-winning #cybersecurity awareness modules from our partner Cybsafe, free to all organisations. These include the following key topics - social engineering, public Wi-Fi, and device security. Keep your colleagues safe from harm when they’re #remoteworking. Get them free access to our partners CybSafe’s “remote working pack” here.

To learn more, visit Digital14 talent management today. Cyber threats can be prevented and remediated by better preparing your staff – taking on cybersecurity responsibilities aligned with their roles.

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