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Imagine a world where the imminent threats of the digital landscape are silenced. Digital14’s Secure Solutions are designed to silence these threats, so you no longer have to imagine them.

With our innovative solutions portfolio, we leave nothing to chance. Protecting cities, nations, businesses, and societies, our holistic security solutions enable seamless, invisible security to protect even the most vulnerable digital assets and estates.

We are an end-to-end solutions provider entirely devoted to safeguarding your digital workspace – your applications, devices, or network infrastructure – with a comprehensive command and control centre that lets nothing get in, yet empowers you to get the most out, and have the liberty to do more. Dedicated to boosting your productivity and capabilities, we deliver a complete and integrated security platform that shields your everyday so you can focus on the important aspects of business and life with infinite peace of mind.

Our proposition resides in KATIM® a shield of security and privacy that offers a dome of defence and a world of endless possibilities for your enterprise functions.

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Meaning silence in Arabic, KATIM® shuts out the noise of everyday life and only lets in what you deem necessary.

Offering three distinct industrial solutions – KATIM® X, KATIM® ES, and KATIM® IS – the KATIM® platform is engineered to deliver secure defence-grade, enterprise-class, or industry-specific requirements to separate your communications from the outside world. The KATIM® platform delivers ultra-secure communication and collaboration via secure network infrastructure, devices, applications, and services, in order to safely enhance organisational productivity and efficiency. The KATIM® range includes the KATIM® and KATIM® R01 – a ruggedised phone, KATIM® Apps: Messenger and Email, and the KATIM® Command Centre.

You cannot put a price on peace of mind and freedom. So why wait until it’s too late to secure your digital assets? Enable a productive digitised world that is compromise-free, with KATIM® .

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Prevent breaches, eavesdropping or
tampering of critical

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Protect your mobile communication with tamper-proof and ruggedised hardware.

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Manage KATIM® hardware and software endpoint solutions within your enterprise environment.

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