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Digital14 announces
Elham Al Qasim as Chief Executive Officer

Abu Dhabi | 22 Jan 2020

Digital14, an Abu Dhabi based digital transformation, secure solutions and cyber resilience organisation, has announced the appointment of Elham Al Qasim as Chief Executive Officer.

Al Qasim brings a wealth of experience in the private sector, managing investment portfolios in the technology sector including mergers and acquisitions, together with experience supporting the Abu Dhabi Government’s economic strategy.

Wholly owned by the Abu Dhabi Developmental Holding Company (ADDH), Digital14 was established to fulfil the Abu Dhabi Government’s wider efforts to diversify the economy and to develop key transformative enablers in the UAE. Digital14 is investing heavily in technological and digital expertise in order to contribute to the core economic sectors of the Emirate. The company expects to continue to grow its business organically and via acquisition to accelerate the pace of innovation to make the digital world a trusted environment where customers can innovate and fulfil their potential.

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